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Automated builds is the way to go

posted Nov 2, 2016, 1:46 PM by Andreas Jonsson
I found something funny in data entries 393 and 394 of the shareware version... Looks like someone forgot to clean the build directory before creating the final package of the game. :)

This is the content in one of the game files located in DATA.WAR.
 Volume in drive C is BIG DRIVE  
 Volume Serial Number is 2A6B-08F3
 Directory of C:\WAR\ART\DIALOG

.            <DIR>         10-27-94   1:50p
..           <DIR>         10-27-94   1:50p
save         <DIR>         10-27-94   1:50p
makefile            10,850 10-28-94   6:31a
test                 2,983 10-27-94   1:52p
test2                2,983 10-27-94   1:52p
        6 file(s)         16,816 bytes
                     962,691,072 bytes free